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Added on 25-05-2023
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Summarize This is an AI-powered tool that helps users summarize various types of content such as text, PDFs, videos and Twitter threads. The tool is available for free and requires an Open AI API Key to function properly.

Summarize This can summarize any text of any size, allowing users to obtain a condensed version of long documents or articles. Additionally, Summarize This also works with YouTube videos that have captions, enabling users to quickly derive key points from lengthy video content.

The tool can also be utilized to summarize Twitter threads by simply pasting the URL of the desired thread. Moreover, Summarize This enables users to upload PDF files and obtain brief summaries, although this feature may not work with some corrupted PDFs.

The tool was developed by @maail and all rights are reserved. It is important to note that the Open AI API rates are subject to change, however, Summarize This is committed to maintaining a free service despite potential fluctuation in API cost.

Overall, Summarize This is a valuable tool for those seeking to save time and obtain quick summaries of lengthy content.

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