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Sync employee training programs.

Added on 21-05-2023
Generated by ChatGPT is an AI-powered platform designed to help businesses speed up training programs, increase overall efficiency and synchronize employee efforts with company goals.

The platform aims to create a complete knowledge base of a company's functional and organizational structure by uploading a list of departments and employees.

AI then independently communicates with the team and creates detailed business processes, policy standards and regulations. The platform also automatically creates individualized courses based on employee roles, departments, and experience, reducing the time and costs associated with training newcomers.

Additionally, provides game-like training to make integration more efficient and effective. The tool allows businesses to synchronize employee efforts, increasing overall productivity, and effectiveness of operations. helps to reduce the costs of training and new employee adaptation while preparing the company to be open to realizing new business opportunities.

The platform is fully-featured, has a course library for easy access to twenty plus free courses from leading experts, comes with a customizable platform design that can be configured according to a company's corporate style, and is available in multilingual with GDPR data security. offers a flat rate pricing of $5 per month per employee, and it also provides a marketplace of courses.

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