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Local chat client with efficient message storage.

Added on 04-05-2023
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Prompta is an open-source UI client designed for communicating with ChatGPT (and GPT-4). This tool comes with functionalities such as storing all your chats locally, making it easy to search through them, along with a handy option of syncing your conversations across your multiple devices.

Prompta is designed to be keyboard-focused, bringing convenience and productivity to your fingertips. It also allows users to bring their own API key for added security.This tool is particularly useful for those who need to keep an eye on their chats and even search them while they are offline.

With Prompta, all your conversations are stored locally, and you can search for them using the search function.Prompta is available as a cross-device application and can be accessed via a browser.

It is also available for download on GitHub.Overall, Prompta is an easy-to-use and accessible tool for people who are looking for a convenient solution to manage their ChatGPT (and GPT-4) chats.

It offers useful features like local storage and cross-device sync, along with keyboard-focused navigation. It is brought to you by Ian Sinnott, an expert in the field of open-source tools for AI, who has demonstrated his commitment to the free flow of information and access to technology.

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