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Added on 25-05-2023
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OpenLibreAI is an open source platform that focuses on facilitating the development of AI applications, supporting AI research, and aligning AI with human values.

It is currently in the private beta stage, awaiting wider release. The platform provides features that enable developers and researchers to build AI applications, conduct AI research, and address challenges related to AI alignment.

Users can register on the platform through a sign-up process. Additionally, users can follow updates and news related to OpenLibreAI on social media platforms such as Twitter and Github.The platform specializes in AI and aims at providing developers with a toolset to build applications seamlessly.

OpenLibreAI operates as a centralized hub for AI-related communities and provides a forum for developers and researchers to exchange ideas and collaborate effectively.

The platform's primary focus is on enhancing the safety and security of AI applications and ensuring that they align with human values.To summarize, OpenLibreAI is an open-source platform that supports the development of AI applications, AI research, and AI alignment.

It provides a range of features for developers and researchers, and it operates as a hub for the AI community, providing a dedicated forum for the exchange of ideas and collaboration.

The platform's primary goal is to ensure that AI applications developed using its suite of tools are safe, secure, and aligned with human values.

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