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AI-assisted tools for creating & sharing micro-courses.

Added on 21-05-2023

Mindsmith is an AI-powered microlearning platform designed to simplify the creation and sharing of course materials and training. Key features and advantages include:

  • Intuitive authoring tool: AI assistant helps create engaging microlessons and eliminates writer's block
  • Flexible sharing options: Share via link, SMS, or email, and integrate with your learning system
  • Versatile use cases: Ideal for onboarding, course reviews, safety training, compliance training, and homework

Use cases for Mindsmith cater to various educational needs:

  • Organizations seeking to streamline instructional processes and training
  • Educators looking to create digestible and engaging course materials
  • Students in need of a mobile-friendly, self-assessment tool for understanding course content

Overall, Mindsmith offers an easy-to-use, flexible solution for enhancing the learning experience in any organization.

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