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One-click watermark, resize, and rename for images

Added on 06-06-2023

Easily watermark, resize, and rename all your images in a single click with this free tool. Designed to streamline your image processing tasks, it offers a range of features to improve efficiency and convenience.

Key Features:

  1. Bulk watermarking: Apply watermarks to all your images quickly.
  2. Multiple image adjustments: Resize, rename, and apply effects in bulk.
  3. Import images: Conveniently add images for processing.
  4. Customizable watermark options: Choose watermark image, position, and opacity.
  5. GPU rendering: Benefit from supercharged processing.
  6. Modern tech: Built with WebAssembly and Svelte by Hugo.

Use Cases:

• Efficiently watermark a large number of images.

• Bulk resize and rename images for easy organization.

• Apply effects to multiple images simultaneously.

• Maintain privacy and speed by processing images on-device.

Take advantage of this powerful tool to manage and process your images with ease, while ensuring your privacy and productivity remain uncompromised.

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