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Guidance via SMS for NLP and deep learning.

Added on 23-05-2023
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RecurAI is an AI tool that allows you to communicate with ChatGPT, powered by openAI GPT-3. It provides a personal SMS sidekick that guides you to expert AI guidance in various fields such as deep learning, natural language processing, gradient descent, and more.

RecurAI can be accessed through email, phone SMS, or web chat, making it easy to use and collaborate with. Apart from solving complex AI queries and problems, it offers features like data augmentation, regularizations, batch normalization, and more to help improve the performance of deep learning models.

With RecurAI, you can learn about different types of layers in a neural network, the working mechanism of Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs), transformer models' attention, and how to handle sequential data using Recurrent Neural Networks (RNNs), among others.

The tool also provides an activation function that helps influence a neural network's output and a loss function that guides the learning process. In summary, RecurAI is an indispensable AI tool that provides expert guidance to those seeking comprehensive and collaborative solutions to complex AI problems.

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