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Analyzed Hackernews data retrieval.

Added on 30-04-2023
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Chat2query Hackernews is an AI tool that allows users to easily retrieve specific information about Hacker News, such as the number of new users, mentions of specific keywords, and trends in user activity, among others.

The tool is designed to respond to user queries in natural language, making it easy for users to request information without any prior technical knowledge.

Some specific examples of the types of questions that can be asked of Chat2query Hackernews include the number of new users in a given year, trends in user activity over time, and the number of registered users.

Users can also ask about user behavior, such as which users submit the most stories or receive the most votes on Hacker News. The tool can also provide information on website domains that are most commonly shared, as well as the frequency of mentions of specific terms such as Serverless, Web3, SQL, and Hadoop.Overall, Chat2query Hackernews provides a user-friendly way for people to access specific information about Hacker News, helping users make informed decisions or gain insights about the online community.

The tool is powered by TiDB cloud technology, and is available on GitHub, Twitter, and the Hacker News platform.

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