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Voice characterisation of text.

Added on 22-05-2023
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Character Lingo is an AI tool that enables users to transform their writing into the voice of their favorite movie or book character. Users can select from a list of popular characters, including Jack Sparrow, Yoda, Iron Man, and Batman, among others.

Once a character is selected, users can input their own text, and the tool will generate the content in the style and tone of the chosen character using natural language generation (NLG) technology.

An installable Chrome extension is available to make the process faster and more convenient. The tool aims to help users to add a unique and captivating voice to their writing and engage their audience by giving them the feeling of being immersed in their chosen character's persona.Character Lingo is marketed towards writers, content creators, and marketers looking to add a creative and engaging twist to their written content.

The tool website offers both a free and premium version with extra features available. Privacy policy information is provided, and users can contact the company with any queries.

Overall, Character Lingo can be a useful tool for those looking to create compelling, personality-driven content, without having to spend additional time on character development and voice creation.

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