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Filters cold emails.

Added on 25-05-2023
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Auger is an AI tool that helps users to identify and stop cold emails. The tool employs GPT to detect and remove outreach emails from users' inbox, thereby reducing the amount of spam emails received by users.

With Auger, users no longer have to go through numerous unwanted cold emails in their inbox. The tool offers a way for users to have more control over their inbox by reducing the amount of unsolicited emails.

By identifying and removing cold emails, users can focus on more important emails, thus leading to increased productivity. Auger is easy to use, and users can access the tool by requesting access on the website.

The tool also adheres to privacy regulations and has set up appropriate measures to maintain users' privacy. In summary, Auger is an AI tool that makes use of GPT to help users identify and remove cold outreach emails from their inbox, thereby improving productivity.

The tool is easy to use and adheres to privacy regulations, providing a safe and efficient way to manage emails.

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